The gorillas and Rwanda were a real highlight for us. Being so close to the gorillas was a special experience.
Then visiting the local village was memorable to. All the children followed us and sang us songs.
It was wonderful to see the country so happy after all their hardship.
The safari was also a very memorable experience, the accommodation and guides were fantastic and he whole trip went like clockwork!
We saw the big five, some saw a kill in progress and, while we were watching a male lion guarding the Cape Buffalo in a river crossing, having just hunted it down , an extremely rare  Serval cat started prowling around looking for an opportunity – amazing!
We saw so many animals and birds, it would take too long to list, and even stumbled across a river crossing as crossing as part of the great migration – thousands of wildebeest and hundreds of Zebras right under our nose!
The wonderful photos we have tell our story and I think there will be a book! Or perhaps a picture book?

We not only had so much fun with  our friends, we learnt and saw so much, especially visiting all the villages and seeing how they all live. We will be recommending this trip to all of our friends!
Thanks to everyone who made this trip possible. Moore’s, Wilson’s, Bull’s and Reynold’s
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