Day. Tour to Mt Tronador

Another early start were we were joined with an international group, British, Israeli, Argentina’s, Peruvian’s. We drove on a sealed road for approximately 10 klm, before entering the Nauhu National Park. The park featured beautiful native forests which unfortunately closer to the glacier many of the trees were destroyed by a flash flood in 2009. We followed huge lakes and vertical cliffs for 63 klms stopping several times to view the stunning scenery, the glacial rivers were  trout fishing is very We stood at the base of hanging black glacier which derived its colour from the rock collected on its journey and marvelled at the peaks of the Andes towering 2000mtrs almost being circled by waterfalls in a natural amphitheatre. We ended our day with a  funny experience witnessing a fruit selling clown on the streets of Bariloche. Fruit was not on our minds we were more interested in an authentic Argentinian beef meal.

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