Rwanda and gorilla safari

Rwanda is a land of great diversity and natural beauty. Known affectionately as the “Land of a Thousand Hills”‘ Rwanda has five volcanoes, twenty three lakes and numerous rivers, some of which form the source of the greatRiver Nile.

Rwanda has mountainous landscape that includes the volcanic Virunga range in the northwest, home to what is estimated to be a third of the the world’s remaining 750 mountain gorillas.
Rwanda went through Genocide with a senseless massacre of innocent lives in 1994. The country has dealt with that past and has quickly developed into East Africa’s strongest economy and safest country to visit in Africa. The recovery has been incredible, a testament to humankind’s resilience. Our group were blessed to visit this amazing country and experience up close and personal with a family of 14 gorilla’s the youngest being 13 months. It was a trip of a lifetime and a grand ending to our East Frica tour.

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