Thanks for helping Barb to get here safely and surely. She has been amazing for a pretty much first time traveller (she went to NZ as a young woman and to Fiji many years ago with her daughters net ball team) but travelling to Peru on her own, arriving at midnight after hours of delays would’ve been a bit daunting, but she did it and you made it easier for her – thanks very much from all of us.

Diana is as lovely as you had said. She is so petite and beautiful and nothing is too much trouble. As you know my backpack was stolen in Chile and I didn’t realise till today that my two spare camera batteries were in it! (Actually every day I realise something else was in it!) With Diana’s help we found the Radio shack here in Arequipa and we managed to get a charger adaptor (couldn’t get a battery) which meant I could charge the dead one and I’ll be fine.

Although Lima was interesting, we were glad to leave the hectic city to head to less hectic Arequipa. The sky here is blue today and the mountaiNs and volcanoes beautiful. The air is cleaner and being Sunday it is much quieter and more relaxed. We haven’t had altitude problems here so that a good sign I hope.

We have managed to fit in some shopping would you believe? Some baby alpaca products have already been purchased by some members of the party (including the beautiful tour leader!)

Need to go to sleep now but just wanted to say hi and keep you posted.  Lyn Ringland

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