My apologies to all those following my blog whilst in Nepal and Bhutan in December 2012. I have not given myself the time to sit down and reflect on the trip as a whole, or the beauty we experienced, the  comradeship of the women’s group in Bhutan, and the personal experience with my family in Nepal when we visited the village school and embarked on a 4 day trek. To remember is something we often avoid doing or simply don’t recognise the importance as reflection is so important to our personal growth as it forces us to acknowledge experiences and emotions that can sometimes transform our lives.

The last few days of our trip, was a 4 day trek which was with my sister, her husband, their granddaughter and her friend.  It was the most spectacular and breathtaking, although somewhat challenging for my family as they have not experienced a serious trek, especially in the  Himalayan mountains. The crispness of the snowy air that drifted down like a cloud from the Annapurna range was so refreshing. We talked with many people on our way, hearing their stories and meeting any needs we could – restoring their strength in tired muscles, for clarity and understanding in seeking hearts and even for the relief of headaches.  For my family the journey was very confronting, correcting, powerful, stretching – but very fulfilling and a huge blessing.
Before departure Sarah my niece and her friend Hollie, organised a fundraiser for the school in Nepal, they managed to raise $2700, and together with funds raised by Lindfield East Public school, who have been supporting remote area schools in Nepal for the past 4 years, we have been able to finish 4 new classroom on  Shree Basari Secondary School which is situated in a remote village 12 hours drive from Kathmandu.
I will be departing on Wednesday 16th March for another wonderful trip to Nepal where I will once again be visiting the school,and  will be taking many pairs of school shoes donated by Lindfield East Public School.  
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