In 2 weeks I will be departing for yet another trip to Kathmandu, last count I am up to my 46th visit to this amazing country.  In the past 22 years I have experienced many changes, infrastructure, trekking trails, increase in tourism to name a few.  My next 2 groups departing 13th March Women”s Trekking and Wildlife tour, and 7th April mixed group to Gokyo Lakes. I am  sure that everyone is  beginning to not only get excited, but be somewhat apprehensive to what may be  installed ahead. Peak fitness is a key factor in being prepared for a trek in Nepal, no one knows what is ahead with regards to altitude, but on all of Lyn Taylor’s Adventure Travel high altitude treks we take the time to adjust our bodies, by having plenty of rest days on the trail, by doing this it will helps to assist in alleviating the effects of altitude sickness. During this 6 week tour I  will also be visiting  the village school to check on the progress of the school renovations and extentions.  The group will travel to  Bhutan and  witnessing the Paro Festival.  My reward at the end of this tour will be 10 days on Malaysia’s  Langkawi Island with my husband, ( I hope to do some research on  new trips to offer in Malaysia).  It will be a fabulous trip the only down side is that I will miss my  beautiful boxer dog Sanu, pity I cannot smuggle him in my backpack.

Keep checking this post for updates after 16th March. Happy traveling

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