• Today we head  towards the mountains,  it will be a relatively  easy day of walking. We are lucky the sky is crystal blue which is very unusual for this time of year as the weather can be unpredictable.  Today we climbed to  the  highest point of the entire route, the ascent was not too bad actually very manageable for our were strong and determined group. The scenery on the way was breathtaking, green pastures of cattle, forests of spruce, all  very different to our previous days of walking were the land was quite barren and dry.. We reached our destination of O”Cebreiro in good time we are now in Galacia and the Valcaree valley and O’Cebreiro provided us with  a wonderful taste of  the distinctive Galician culture, we then continued to Triacastella a town of 3 castles and extensive monastery which is now used as accommodation for pilgrims. We the continued by bus to our own nights stop at Sarria.
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