Once again we had a wonderful visit to Majuwa village and Saraswasi School. I was joined by 4 of my clients and one of the teachers from Lindfield Public School and her husband. Jenny joined in the class each day giving lessons to the children whilst we painted the outside of the school. We spend 5 fabulous days in the village interacting with the locals.We camped in the school ground and each morning the children joined us all very inquisitive watching us go about our daily routine. The drive to the village took a guelling 12 hours in a landcruiser and 9 hours return. With the assistance from LEPS we were able to provide each class room a locker, copy books and pens which will now last them until next spring when I return to the village. Whilst there I also visited another school with 450 junior and high school students. The village has built 5 new classrooms but are much in need of another 5 rooms. When I return home I will begin a fundraiseing which will assist them in completing the new building. If you would like to donate to this school project please feel free to email me.

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