Dali and Lijang

Our next destination took us to Dali and an cruise on Ethai Lake an ear-shaped lake with unique fishing styles and magnificent scenery. We also visited the 3 pagodas affording magnificent views of Cangshan Mountain.

The following day we drove through dramatic scenery near the border of Tibet to the ancient city of Lijang where we experienced the Naxis minority culture. The town is a delightful maze of cobbled streets, wooden buildings, canals and hurlyburly of market life. Lijiang Old Town with a stunning mountain backdrop, the UNESCO World Heritage city of Lijiang is home to the Naxis tribe who congregate to play cards and explore the sanall worshops of trandaitonal craftsmen

Lijiangs inhabitants, the Naxi people are descendants of the Tibetan nomads. We visited the Black Dragon Pool Park, the Jade Dragon Snow Mountian and the Long Quan Naxi ethnic village and the Museum of Naxi Culture.

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