We departed out hotel by electric bikes at 730am it was bitterly cold during the 10 minute ride to the wharf where our boat was waiting. The boat excursion to Uros and Taquile Islands on Lake Titikaka. This full day excursion took us to the highest navigable lake in the world to the floating islands of the Uros Indians, man-made islands by tying totora reeds. The Uros considered themselves Lords of the Lake; they hunt wild birds and maintain traditional fishing methods. The men have developed an extraordinary skill in weaving reeds; producing houses, boats and handicrafts, and the women are expert knitters. Taquile island has a community of 400 native families who still live with the traditions and high principals of the Incas. Taquile is a very important site on Lake Titikaka for its archeological remains, the sacred and ceremonial sites, the festive activities and their rituals. Taquile is characterized by its friendly inhabitants, who maintain their customs and traditional clothing. They distinguish themselves by their detailed, fine, and colourful textiles with symmetrical decorations and symbols that reflect their way of life and Andean beliefs.
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