Today we visited the amazing Canyon del Colca it is a 2 hour drive on unsealed road through a very strong earthquake prone area and during one stage on our journey we passed through a 400 mtr tunnel. The maximize the probability of seeing condors we departed our hotel at 730A towards a superb natural lookout point “Cross of the Condor” from where one can watch condors wheeling across the Colca Canyon, at about an altitude of 15,000 feet said to be the second deepest canyon in the world today. We were blessed to see at least 10 condors in flight and 4 perched on a rock very close to our viewpoint. The Condor is the heaviest bird in the world with a wing span of around 3-4 mtrs. The valley also features pre-Inca ruins, pre-Inca burial grounds and archaeological remains left behind by the Collagua, the ancient inhabitants of the area. As we drove further in to the canyon to observe the way of life in this remote land and to admire the impressive irrigation system and the fertile mountains terraced for farming of the Colca valley. Our guide Oman took us to several advantage points along the canyon ridge we hiked along the ridge which was scattered with wildflowers. Many women artisans were selling the woven goods which were made on ancient sewing and weaving machines we were all tempted to buy as the impressively intricate and colorful embroidery and shawls were too hard to resist. On our return to the hotel we had a much earned lunch and then wandered down town to the market and square then it was time to put on the bathers and to enjoy the thermal baths under the stars what a magnificent end to a wonderful day

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