After 3 very hot days in Chitwan we departed for our journey to Kathmandu. Although a long journey there is always something happening on this busy highway. Colourful Indian trucks pumping out black gasoline into the atmosphere. Children playing on the side of the road their parents obliviousy to the overpacked speeding buses. It was a releif for everyone to arrive at our hotel and have a shower. The following 2 days we explored the medieval streets of Thamel lined with many trekking shops waiting for that would be trekker looking for a bargain of imitation goretex. Our farewell night was possibly one of the best meals the group enjoyed from their whole experience of Nepal and I am sure they are looking forward to heading out tomorrow on the Thai flight to Sydney and the end of their adventure to Nepal. (unable to download pictures due to power strikes in Kathmandu)
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