Flinders Range – Fully Guided Hiking Tour

  • Departure:

    May 2025 - September 2025

  • Duration:

    7 days (guided)
  • Cost:

    $3400 per person twin share (enquire about our single supplement)
  • Itinerary:

The Flinders Range rugged landscape is 800 million years in the making. It boasts an epic geological story that attracts Geologists from around the globe. Evidence of the Earth’s earliest life forms emerged here. And today we are still uncovering the evidence!

For 7 days, you will be able to immerse yourself in this spectacular environment. Enjoying many of the renowned walking trails in the Ranges and some of the lesser-known ones as well. You will walk along sections of the iconic Heysen Trail and climb summits offering the most spectacular views. And also cross the natural amphitheatre of Wilpena Pound!

Benefits of a Guided Walking Tour

  • You carry as little as your water, camera, and lunch.
  • Pre-departure online meeting with one of our experienced guides.
  • Tailor-made guided tour notes, accessible via an app on your phone.
  • Hassle-free private transfers to the trail.

Difficulty: This is an active walking tour with occasional steep paths and summit climbs, but it’s made much easier with the help of an experienced guide, plenty of rest stops, and only needing to carry a day pack. You will be accompanied by two experienced guides throughout the tour and return each evening to comfortable lodge accommodation and a delicious meal. For more general information on what to expect visit our Adventure Travel FAQ.

Along the way, you will learn the history of the people who have called this region home. Firstly the Adnyamathanha People (“of the hills”), the Traditional Custodians of this land. And secondly, also the European settlers tried to tame this harsh environment for grazing, farming and mining.

With an abundance of wildlife and striking landscapes that boast a plethora of flora, the Flinders Ranges is a photographer’s paradise. Your next adventure awaits!

Did you know? Before Europeans arrived, the northern Flinders Ranges were prized by the Adnyamathanha peoples for their red ochre deposits, used in medicines and rituals.  

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