Amazing Ethiopia


Visit Amazing Ethiopia!

Venture off the beaten path and explore one of Africa’s most fascinating and least visited destinations.  Ethiopia has so much to offer. Ethiopia boasts medieval castles, rich Orthodox Christian heritage, and nine UNESCO World Heritage sites. It is arguably one of the perfect travel destinations.

In addition to amazing rich history, the culture, natural beauty and truly wonderful people make this country a joy to visit.

We will begin our journey in Addis Ababa and have a day of sightseeing tour of the capital which includes the National (Archaeological) Museum, the superb Holy Trinity Cathedral and various historical monuments. Over three weeks we will visit colourful markets, marvel at ancient frescos, learn about the Ethiopian empire and the Queen of Sheba!

Along the way we may be so lucky as to meet some crocodiles and hippos but most importantly the people! By the end of the tour, you will be bursting with inspiration and history and knowledge of a culture that has had very little outside influence. For example, we will learn about the Mursi, known for having a lip-plating culture. The Hamer, famous for its bull-jumping ceremony at times of initiations and marriage. The Karo people admired for their colourful body decoration, and the Omo Valley has the most spectacular scenery of Ethiopian Landscapes.

For more information about the Amazing Ethiopia Tour, download our full itinerary.

Difficulty: This tour requires a moderate level of fitness, however, no prior trekking experience is required. For more general information on what to expect visit our Adventure Travel FAQ.

Did you know? Ethiopia is the only African country that has never been colonized.

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