Highlights of Peru

Women's Travel South America

Peru, South America is home to  Machu Picchu, an ancient Incan city high in the Andes mountains. The region around Machu Picchu, including the Sacred Valley, Inca Trail and colonial city of Cusco, are rich in archaeological sites. On Peru’s arid Pacific coast is Lima, the capital, with a preserved colonial centre and important collections of pre-Columbian art.

Lima, the “City of Kings” famous for its Spanish Colonial architecture, extraordinary museums and cuisine. Lima is internationally recognized as the “Gastronomic Capital of the Americas”, and its cuisine is considered among the most diverse and exquisite in the world on par with French cuisine.

Arequipa placed on the World Cultural Heritage list by UNESCO, features Mixed Baroque churches and mansions from the colonial period like the Monastery of Santa Catalina.

Colca– Cross of the Condor from where one can watch condors wheeling across the Colca Canyon.

Boat excursion to Uros and Taquile Islands on Lake Titikaka,  the highest navigable lake in the world with floating islands of the Uros Indians, man-made islands by tying totora reeds. The Uros considered themselves Lords of the Lake; they hunt wild birds and maintain traditional fishing methods. The men have developed extraordinary skill in weaving reeds; producing houses, boats and handicrafts, and the women are expert knitters.

Cusco and Nearby Ruins – Visitors are caught up in the excitement of touring the ancient capital of the Inca Empire, a delightful combination of Inca and colonial architecture.

Machu Picchu built by the  Inca Empire at the peak of its power and achievement. The site’s buildings, walls, terraces, and ramps reclaim the steep mountainous terrain and make the city blend naturally into the rock escarpments on which it is situated.

We had the most awesome holiday [in Peru] and everything went so smoothly. The organization and professionalism of everyone involved was really second to none. All the accommodation was well thought out and of a good standard. The holiday has done me the world of good and I feel like a new person it has made me come alive again, so a big Thank you
-Jan Deaville