There is nothing I love more than seeing people getting out and travelling again! The light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter for Australian Travel. All over the world people are packing their bags and going on new adventures again! Lyn Taylors Adventure Travel provides customised adventure travel packages across the world. Including Australian Guided Tours. With 20+ years of experience and strong relationships with local industries and guides – all that’s left for you is to pack your bag and go!
I wanted to share with you about two of our Adventurers Sandy and Nikki. They are very fit and determined ladies who have been training for the past 3 years in preparation for the gruelling 790km Spanish Camino Trail. They worked with me to arrange a self guided Camino Tour. And have been making their way from St Jean Pied de Port on the French border to Santiago de Compostella.

Rather than taking the train from Madrid to St Jean Pied de Port and risk COVID related border problems, Sandy and Nikki decided to take the train from Madrid to Pamplona. They will then return hike to the start of the Camino at Roncevalles. This does add an extra 2 days to their 5 week pilgrimage, but as Sandy says “What is another 40kms when you are hiking 790km already!”. 
They tell me that all is going well, and they have been very busy. However, the train ride was a welcome moment of relaxation and quite. So far they have walked from Pamplona to Larrasoana in one day, then continued to Roncesvalles the next. After a free day there they turned around and headed back. Sandy tells me that “it is much easier to follow the Camino route signs going in the right direction!”.

They are staying in Pamplona tonight, and have been very pleased with the information Miguel (their local tour contact) provided. They said “it was all waiting for us when we arrived in Roncesvalles. So far the trek has been lovely and the accommodation has been wonderful”. Sandy and Nikki spoke briefly with Miguel before they started their adventure. They shared that he gave them some good advice and they feel confident on the trail with his support.
We are so excited to follow Sandy and Nikki on their adventures. It was a pleasure arranging this trip for them. 
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– Lyn Taylor

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