Sri Lanka holds some of the world’s ancient cities spanning together with a  culture enriched with 3 thousand years of knowledge. Fortresses, temples, palaces, exotic water  gardens,  SigiriyaRock  “eight wonder of the world”. Climb the rock, spectacular panoramic  views. 

Before boarding our train to Nuraya Ela we visited Sri Lanka’s only botanical gardens. We were surprised at the amount of police at the gardens, but found out that today the PM of New Zeakand was visiting. The gardens were spectacular especially the orchid house, and the cannon ball tree.

We travelled from Kandy to Nurayaelya by train which took 4 hours, first class is the way to go, comfortable seats, station vendors would hop on the train selling mandarins, chicken curry, peanuts, vegetarian corn cakes which were delicious. The cooler weather of the highlands is a blessing as the train winds its way through the tea plantations and surrounding hills. Today we are in the highlands of Sri Lanka the most beautiful and popular place for tourist to visit. If you are a Tea Connoisseur then Nuraya Ella is a must to visit. Sri Lanka lays claim to host the worlds first ethical tea production and we were given a front row seat, by being  taken to the plantation and given a first hand the opportunity to “pick” our own tea leaves. Looking into the faces of the workers and see how happy and satisfied they are as they co-create the perfect tea. One drink and I guarantee you will be hooked! 

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