Today was an action packed. We actually began our adventure last night when we arrived at Belahoya River Resort, and were shown to our rustic style accommodation set  in an idyllic position on the Belahoya river.

 After settling in we decided to explore and wander down to the river for a swim where we met two local men taking  their daily wash.  I decided to go upstream to where the water was cascading over the rocks whilst Margy  decided to settle on a rock to relax and read her book. Whilst I was swimming another 2 young boys larrived to fish. Thinking  that there were not any fish in the river, I was amazed to see that after a few minutes they managed to catch 3 very large carp.

We enjoyed yet another delicious Silhanese  meal, in an  idyllic peaceful setting with a magnificent mountain vista During dinner our.naturalist came to give us s briefing on our next day activities which sounded very exciting and adventurous.  Early to bed for another huge day tomorrow.
 Breakfast at 8am, and on the trail by 8.30 which was all very civilised. After 30 mns we had  our first river crossing, shoes off! The water was so soothing on the feet. 

We trekked through very dence grass and terraced rice paddies Sinhalese  call them cascading, there were a few slips and slides on the way, thank goodness  for Goretex shoes, and trekking poles.  

We spotted many species of birds, a little igrit, Woodley necked stalk chestnut headed bee eater, and jungle fowl. We trekked through small settlements finally arriving at our campsite accommodation. 

The afternoon we joined in on a canoe ride across the reservoir, which was fun as Margy had not canoed before so we doubled up for a laugh. 

After lunch we travelled by tuk tuk to the highest spectacular waterfall  in Sri Lanka! Called Babbarakanda. The ride was hair raising with  myself and Marty on outside and our guides squashed in the middle. The 20klm ride to the waterfall on the main highway with buses, trucks and tuk tuks was thrilling, and worth the experience of putting yourself out there.

We finished this amazing day wit a beer and delicious meal, and chatting to a group of very fit cyclists who were on a 2 weeks ride around Sri Lanka. 

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