Today the 21st September 13 Female Pilgrims arrived into Leon to begin their journey to Santiago De Compostella. Welcome to El Camino that leads to Santiago de Compostela and beyond. During the past ten years the Camino has witnessed an amazing revival to regain its place as the most popular Christian Pilgrim route in the world – but this is no modern fad for this ancient path has been transforming lives for more than ten centuries. In recognition of “The testimony to the power of faith and the 1,800 buildings of great historic interest that lie along its path” It was proclaimed the first European Cultural itinerary in 1987 and inscribed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1993 The pilgrimage to Santiago began thousands of years ago, when the Apostle’s tomb was discovered in the early 9th century. At the end of the 12th century Santiago evolved to the most significant pilgrimage in Europe and the attraction of this city seems to be increasing every year. Many monasteries and hospitals were built along the route to assist the pilgrims and nowadays several of them will be restored for the pilgrims of these days. Discover the fascinating Santiago trail and walk to Santiago de Compostela, accompanied by coach. The Pilgrim’s Way to Santiago – the Camino de Santiago as it is called in Spanish, or “Way of St. James” is a journey of the soul and spirit, that takes the traveller in the footsteps of millions of others over a millennium, who sojourned from all over Christendom to this green and misty spot in the northwest corner of Iberia to venerate the tomb of the Apostle St. James – Santiago as he is known in Spanish. The site, now known as Santiago de Compostela, came to be Christianity’s 3rd Holy City, along with Rome and Jerusalem, and Santiago became the Christians’ patron saint and inspiration in their long struggle to re conquer Spain from the Moors. Their first day will be spent sightseeing in Leon and acquiring their CAMINO PASSPORT. To receive your certificate at the end of the walk in Santiago De Compostella you will be required to walk the last 100klms of the Camino trail and have 3 stamps or more per day. The spirituality of the pilgrimage era found its expression in light and colour in the fantastic stained glass windows of León cathedral, one of the mighty churches that rose along the Pilgrim’s Way. One can spend hours watching the play of light, as filtered sunbeams pour down from above, but other attractions beckon in this city founded by, and named after, the Roman legionnaires who came here seeking the rich minerals of the surrounding lands. The Plaza Mayor and the Basilica known as the “Sistine Chapel” of the Spanish Romanesque style where the Royal Pantheon and magnificent 12th century frescoes are housed, but still is much more to see, such as, the Conde Luna and the Guzmanes palaces and churches such as San Salvador de Palas del Rey and the modernist Casa de los Botines by architect Antonio Gaudi.

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