Our Family Visit to Nepal

It’s day 10 and we have just finished our first day of the Annapurna trek. 

Our adventure started when we arrived at Budditum village, day 3. We were able to spend lots of time with the children who lived there and join in with their everyday life, even though we had a language barrier we still had such a blast.  On day 5 we visited Shree Baseri High School where we were welcomed by the whole school and soon after we played duck duck goose with the little ones. This experience was really funny as they just looked at us like we were crazy people. In the afternoon we went to Annapurna village school, where we handed out a pencil and a note book to each of the students. A few days later, day 9, the second day in Pokhara, we travelled via boat across Fewa Lake to start the journey up to stupa temple. The temple was really beautiful, it had four statues around the temple itself and they represented the different countries in which helped build it. We then travelled back down the mountain which we then visited the Tibetan Refugee camp, there was a carpet factory where we were able to see the ladies making carpet, this was amazing and looked very difficult and time consuming. We also saw and bought some handmade jewellery in which the ladies at the refugee camp made. Later that day, after lunch, we went to the International Mountain museum, here we learnt how they climed up Mount Everest and what they needed in order to survive. We also learnt the different people, animals and plants that lived throughout Himalayas, this was very interesting. 

Today after the trek we taught everyone a card game called ‘New Market’, which was very fun and hilarious. We all look forward to the days that come. 
Bhaini Millie  Oxford Falls Grammar 

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