We were prepared for a wonderful holiday however we have been amazed beyond belief.
 From being 2 metres away from Mountain gorillas in Rwanda to seeing elephants,
 giraffes, hippopotami, zebras, wilder beast, water buffalo, gazelles,
 baboons up close and wild in Kenya and Tanzania, and doing a welcome dance with
 the son of a Masai chief,our expectations have been exceeded every day. However,
 the real and silent story unfolds when you visit real villages. While poverty by
 our standards is everywhere, there are kids in Rwanda going to community schools
 relying on tourism for support and growth.  Masai children are being educated by

our donations from the visits we make and the small purchases
and donations we make. If you want to make a difference to Africa make
sure you go for both the people and the wildlife. You will be amazed. 
Thank Lyn for organizing a wonderful trip.
Moore's, Wilson's, Bull's,and Reynold's

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