Day 17 and 18 written by Sue Diecisete and Colin Dieciocho

.From the initial sighting of the three spires from Monte de Gozo, to the arrival in the square, we felt happy and strongly at peace. We thought of thousands (millions?) of pilgrims who had stood before these magnificent edifices, of their joy, elation and relief. 

Three of us lunched with gusto: beer, pimentos, octu pus, croquette  and calamari. The emotion was one of joy. We felt that the walk into Santiago  de Compostela is one of life’s great moments, up there in the way it ignites the spirit and imagination with the descent into Macchu Pichu, our first sign of McKinnons Pass on the Milford Track or the Monks ‘ parade in Luang Prabang.
We are very grateful for the way the group has taken us in. Their was a well established  group dynamic by ythe time we joined it, and this could have been tricky , but no, we felt immediately embraced by their positive energy. The word “joy” keeps coming to and my mind. Walking alone for a long time, with poles a clacking, Colin got “into the zone” at one time and thought that perhaps he was in paradise in the company of women who are stylish, gracious, and interesting. And not without charming earthiness either.
The highlight os the next day was the Mass where the mellifluous sound of  the organ blanketed the pure tones of the Nun. Again, there was a sense of immense joy in the Cathedral.


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