The group have enjoyed a wonderful 3 days in Paris. We have all taken different directions to explore our own interests. Yesterday Robin and I decided to do a full day our of Versailles by push bike. We left our hotel at 8am to make our way by metro to our meeting point, that part did not prove easy so we quickly decided to hop a cab, it turned out to be a sensible decision as we only just made the meeting time of 9am. After introductions by our Kiwi guide we set off by train to take the 30 minute journey to Versailles, it was then a short walk to collect our bikes and proceed to the local markets to purchase our lunch of baguettes, cheese, salad pâté and of course a delicious pastry. We then road the beautiful paths that surround the 2,000 acres of the Museum and the magnificent French gardens, through groves and fountains with water gushing out to the rhythm of baroque music. The setting for our lunch was next to the canal, our guide kept us enthralled by his explanation of the history of Louis X1V,XV, XV1 and Marie Antoinette. We then continued our ride to the Museum were we’re explored  the Royal Estate Apartments and Hall of Mirrors. The day ended beautifully when we managed to catch up with the other ladies near our hotel, so we all sat down at a Cafe and discussed our day over a glass of French wine. Tomorrow I am sure we will be sad to say goodbye to Paris, but on the other hand very excited to start the Camino on Friday. Watch this blog

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