Day 7 New boots written by Clancy Siete and Leila Ochoa

After an overnight stay in an Abbey run by delightful Nuns and a fairly meagre breakfast after a substantial dinner the evening before, we all set out to our next drop point.

My (Leila) new boots have replaced the troublesome well worn pair that have trekked Africa and Nepal without any hiccup. The old boots were donated to the Nuns, and hopefully they will find a new owner.
PRior to arriving at our new destination, an on board medial emergency altered our course for the day. Most of the groups continued the trek whilst our tour leader and guide dutifully attended to the emergency. 
Gorgeous fields of sunflowers waved to us along the trail and many stone roses marked where pilgrims lay. Fantastic weather and refreshment  helped us along the way at a blistering pace. Soon old injuries resurfaced and after consulting my travelling buddies /medical advisors, our communications expert from Tasmania phoned our guide to summon our trusty bus driver who arrived in minutes with our tour leader, and were we pleased to see them as this was after we had in fact deviated from the main track. A passing Pilgrim who observed my battered feet told us that he had walked the Camino 19 times, he commented “it is the way of the Camino”  We are pleased to report that our emergency joined us for dinner that evening, so the day ended on a high.

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