Day 15 written by Phylly Quince

This morning as we left Palas-de-Rei we all sat on the bus in silence to our drop off point to start the 27klms walk.

Yes, it was raining, but before too long we were able to peel off our wet weather gear and enjoy the full canopy of oak trees, small hamlets and green fields.
Our lunch was in Melide which is well known for pulpor (octopus) lived up to our trusty guide David’s  recommendation.
The Camino makes demands on you. You must get up even before the sun, in spite of blisters and exhaustion, and sometimes you may have to walk in the darkness of night, you just get on with it, and try to get some rest to keep you going.
The Camino calls you to contemplate, to be amazed, to welcome, to interiorize, to stop, to be quiet, to listen, admire, to bless nature, our companions on the journey, and ourselves.
Yes we did complete the 27 klms and everyone should be proud of themselves, Congratulations fellow travellers.

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