Well we are home safe and sound after a wonderful Peruvian adventure!   We have some fantastic memories to keep with us forever.  What a trip!

Diana was everything you had said and more.  What a wonderful, amazing woman.  We all fell in love with her – she was so professional, so caring, so helpful, so competent and so reassuring.  We all felt very confident in her abilities to get us to wherever – to catch planes to meet with drivers, buses, guides – whatever!  Diana did it all!  She was truly wonderful.

I have sent a few photos with update on our trip.  I took so many on my little camera but I enclose some of the highlights – too many highlights!  For me I think the absolute highlight was Misminay.  The Misminay people who took us in and included us in their activities, who took us for the long walk up the hill to overlook the circles of Moray playing the flute and drum along the way, who cooked us the most delicious food (including guinea pig!) and looked after us so well and generously – we loved our stay there.  The walk down from Misminay to Moray in the morning was beautiful.  The weather was perfect for pretty much our whole trip – we were so lucky.

Thanks Lyn for arranging the trip for us.  Barbara had a fantastic time too. She did get the altitude sickness (which was fascinating to see!) and we all got a bit of Peru Belly but nothing spoiled our trip.  It looked as though you enjoyed Bali too and now have Africa to look forward to!  Wow, what a life!  (I think I’d get sick of the waiting around at airports though).

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