Great days in Arequipo finishing with dinner on balcony looking over square sipping pisco sours listening to a live Peruvian band playing Simon and Garfunkel! Over the mountains at 4900 metres covered in snow to Chuvay where the first Stop was the volcanic natural hot springs after a buffet lunch of traditional food and live music playing guitar, panpipes, tamborm charango and quinoea.
Early rise to travel up the Colca Canyon where we walked along terraced slopes and were lucky to see 7 condors soaring over the cliffs and canyons on the thermal drifts – their wing spans were nearly 3 metres and we could nearly touch them! Magic! Tomorrow it´s the floating villages on Lake Titicaca!
Some pictures will follow – we only use the ipad for photos occasionally and don´t have means to download from cameras!
Now at Puno on the shores of Lake Titicaca at 3800m. That’s high and you can feel it, it’s even harder to get dressed and climb a small flight of stairs. Already acclimatising though and should be ready for floating island of Uros and island of Taquile and hike to 5000m tomorrow (I hope!) this is our first sighting of the lake with Puno in foreground – it’s cold too!! — with Sandra Bartlett

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