Two days ago I arrived on the shores of Bali, it is always a hassle free arrival especially if you fly with Garuda, visas can be obtained at Sydney airport and on board the flight Garuda have Customs officials to stamp your visa. What a great service!  Pick up the luggage in 20 minutes, out the door and greeted by my representative Kadek (unfortunately not that Kadek).. Before long I was sitting on the beach in Sanur. relaxing with a  nice chilled watermelon juice. The weather here , it is perfect 30deg and sunny, I was so relieved to escape from the cold weather in Sydney.. Today the ladies are on their way to Bali, all arriving seperately from Sydney, Perth and Brisbane. I am sure they are all very exciting to begin thier 10 day in depth tour of Bali.  Keep checking this post.for updates 

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