We arrived in th e Phobija Valley with views of the  picturesque Black Mountain range the farmland below was covered with 300 plus black necked cranes  We travelled to Trongsa and visited the Trongsa Dzong, the masterpiece of Bhutanese architecture, further on our travels towards Bumthang we  stopped  at a yethra (textile weaving) shops, where the yathras are designed with patterns unique to the Bumthang area. The group enjoyed 3 wonderful days in Bumtanhg and the highlight of the trip was to witness a local Tsechu (festival).
It is a time when all families can enjoy a rest from farming and harvesting  and  join together to dance and sing in colourful costumes and masks. It is  a time when all families can enjoy laughter and relaxation..
The second highlight and our most important visit on the trip was an 800 mtr  climb to the famous Taksing Monastery, a perfect day to end a perfect trip.


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