Yesterday at 9am we arrived into Buenos Aires and, this is my 5th time to this wonderful city. I do not think that I have visited a city more beautiful. It has similarities to Paris especially the architecture of the buildings and homes. Parana River Delta which is made up of 5000. The current Delta population is 3000 residents and its “islands” are exploited t supply the cellulose paper and plywood industires. Having a wide variety of flora and fauna this almost undeveloped tourist paradise is only 30 klms away from downtown Buenos Aires has attracted foreign and local investors who have experienced with theiir own senses the communion between man and nature. We also v isited the tourist area of La Boca and the amazing Recoletta cemetary where the famous Eva Perone’s tomb. Tomorrow we are off to Iguazzu Falls where we will spend the last 2 nights of 3 in nights in Argentina. Adios
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