We have just spent the most amazing stay in the village of Majhuwja. Our rustic accomodation was extremely comfortable. Before we arrived our host who not only carried on his back (all uphill) for the past 3 hours, 4 large whiteboards, managed to lug 4 beds up two flights of very narrow stairs to to our room. I must add that this large airy room was also the storage room for the family’s grain, so in the night we had little visitors scurrying across the rafters and the floor. Thank god for earplugs. Each day we bathed in the fast flowing waterfalls and rock pools, there was not any privacy I think the whole village came out to watch us bath. White bodies are fascinating!!!
After breakfast of lentils rice and vegetable we strolled up through the terraces of rice to the school village, where the children were patiently waiting. Colleen who a primary school teacher gathered the children to show them how to use the small whiteboards, magnetic numbers and letters that she had bought from Sydney. The children were excited by the rainbow of colors and fascinated how the magnets stuck to the boards. Over the next few days we spent many hours instructing and encouraging the children in their school work. These children have very little to play with in the way of play ground equipment so we showed them many new games and activities to highlight their days. It is amazing our children have so much to keep them occupied and they still seem to complain. The children of this small remote Nepalese village have so little and they are always happy and smiling and never complain.

On our last day of our stay we were greeted by the whole community. The children lined up at assembly and we handed out to each child a text book, packet of coloured pencils, pencil case. We also took over around 50kg of uniforms from Lindifeld East Public School, they wear the same blue shirts and navy pants. The image of excitement on the faces of these children will be there for the rest our lives. What a very rewarding and happy ending to a fabulous trip to Saraswasi Village School Nepal.

Next we head back to Kathmandu for a short trek in the Kathmandu valley and a visit to Bhaktapur a famous Unesco city.

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