We arrived into Kathmandu tired but extremely excited as it was our first visit to this tiny country packed with 24 million people. Leaving our visit to the capital Kathmandu to the end of our tour we headed to Pokhara to start a 5 day trek into the Annapurna mountains. Unfortunately due to bad weather we had to pospone our trek and instead reverse our tour. But first we headed into the big city of Mahendrapur to buy a load of school material for the children, it was such an amazing experience dealing with the shop owners and comparing the school resourses that our children have to what little they have in Nepal.
We packed all of the gear into boxes and headed out the following day for a 5 hour journey towards Kathmandu on the Privthi Highway which links Kathmandu and India, this is where our vehicle a very old toyota 4 wheel drive met us for our next leg of the journey as we headed north to the town of Araghut Bazaar, this journey should take us anything between 8-12 hours on a very muddy, dangerous road. I have posted some pictures below for you to see the condition of the road and our vehicle. That night we were very happy to find a lovely qaint guesthouse. Each of us had a very comfortable room for the night (mine was the owner’s daughter room and the other girls were also in family rooms) these people will graciously give up there home to welcome western visitors to their doorstep. We are sure this will be our last comfortable bed for the next 4 days.
This post is coming from the town of Araghut where I managed to get onto a computer.
If the weather is fine tomorrow we will set off on our next 5 hour death defying drive before we walk then for 4 hours to the village of Maguwa where we will spend the next 4 days visiting and teaching the children at Saraswasi School. Keep an eye out for the next post which should hit the blog in 5 days.

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