Kathmandu – The last few days have been hectic, we have visited many wonderful places in Kathmandu. The girls have shopped and bought wonderful pashminas, handicraft etc at least they are keeping the economy in Nepal healthy. We have eaten at some fabulous restaurants along the way but I think Dhaal Bhaat (lentils and rice) is their favourite. Today most are heading home some to Bangkok for a few days of rest, one to Laos for another 2 week trip. The group presented me with a lovely gift of thier appreciation in making their trip memorable. Tomorrow I will depart for the village of Muguwa and the school project that I am involved with then I am heading off on another trek in the Annapurna’s with some clients. So for the next 3 weeks I will be in those beautiful mountains out of contact from phones, television and computers. yahoo!!!
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