Nepal Volunteer Trek Village Homestay

Without a doubt this country is a potpourri of culture and diversity. I boasts as having the highest mountain in the world Mt Everest mixed with unique wildlife and exotic culture. Discover yourself amidst this strange world of mystical beliefs and incredible history. Every aspect of life is tainted with spiritual reasons. You will have many opportunities to witness this aspect of life, and to share with people your own ideas about it. The art and craft of Nepal are basically based on the religious themes taken from Buddhism and Hinduism. Nepalese art has been influenced and promoted since the earliest recorded times by the Newars In Nepal, ethnical cultural groups are diverse and many of them have their own languages and customs. The country’s capital Kathmandu and largest city simultaneously reeks of history and the wear and tear of increasing modernity. The tightly packed historical centre, with its squares and temples, continues to preserve a world light years away from shantytowns, expensive hotels, restaurants and shops on the city’s outskirts. Kathmandu’s core is Durbar Square, with the Vishnumati River to the west and Ratna Park to the east, The Bagmati River forms the southern boundary, whilst Thamel, the popular tourist hangout sprawls to the north. This would have to be one of the most exciting cities in the world today.

No other area in Nepal has such a splendid variety of natural beauties as the Annapurna region. It is a rare combination of long arrays of snow-capped peaks, crystal lakes, and turbulent rivers with deep gorges, Tibetan monasteries, and picturesque villages, inhabited by simple and friendly ethnic people.

An amazing trip! Better than I could have ever expected! Nepal is Lyn’s second home and it was a pleasure to experience it with her. From the welcoming stay in the village, to the best trekking tracks, a quick trip to Annapurna Base Camp, and wonderful company throughout from Lyn and her guide Dil. I can’t thank you enough, Lyn!

Megan Nov 2017