Touring the Balkan Beauties


This 23-day trip will take you on a journey through four Balkan countries, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro. Countries that were once united in one, but in spite of that have a very different history and culture. During the journey, you will visit the historical cities of Ljubljana, Zagreb, Belgrade, Dubrovnik, Split and experience the true culture of these Balkan pearls. You will be amazed by the beautiful mountains and alpine towns of Slovenia and the intact national parks of Croatia and Montenegro. You will finish the journey with a cruise among the numerous islands of Dalmatia.

This program was adjusted for a more active traveller, who likes to discover new hiking trails and cycling paths, and paddle on clear blue sea waters, rivers and lakes.

First of all I want to say a big "THANK YOU" to you for being such a compassionate , caring person. For being such a fantastic organizer/leader and most of all for being a friend to every single person in the group. I really admired that, all those different personalities and it all flowed! That's how it felt to me and that made the whole trip a fantastic experience. Of course, the good company and camaraderie from all the other girls created all the right vibes, it really was a wonderful journey