During the day the temperature rapidly dropped as we crossed the Arctic convergence. This natural boundary between the relatively warm sub-Antarctica surface water and the cold sub-Antarctic surface water is an important biological zone influencing the distribution of plankton, fish,birds it is also another important marker that we are nearing the continent of Antarctica. Our call for lunch coincided with an important deadline – the final opportunity to enter the Great Antarctic iceberg competition! You had to guess not only where we would site the first iceberg but also the time. It will be like winning a lottery. The sound of whirring vacuum cleaners echoed down the corridors as everyone meticulously cleaned jackets, pants, beanies, gloves, backpacks from any foreign or organic matter that doesn’t belong in the Antarctic. The preparations for our first outing in Antarctica were coming to a finale. Later in the afternoon we attended a fascinating lecture on penguins, seals and what we will see in the days ahead. Off to the bar to try out the cocktail of the day “The Drake Lake” – we wish! and  yet another game of Rummikub. 

Tomorrow the adventure begins when we spot our first iceberg! 

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