Today we visited the Hindu Temple of Shiva which was rebuilt by the Dutch after being destroyed by the Portuguese. Due to a 3 day weekend with the full moon holiday there were many worshippers at the temple which is  precariously situated on rocky outcrop within the old Dutch walls of Fort Frederick.

There were many stalls selling, toys, hats, sweets which the locals seem to love.

 Following the temple visit we then continued to the hot springs where locals and visitors were enjoying tossing water over themselves as they believe that the water has therapeutic values. We were also entertained by a snake charmer who enticed Margy into cuddling Barbara a 3 year old baby Python. 

After a hot and active morning we found a lovely cool place to enjoy a delicious lunch of chilli crab at one if Trinco’s oldest hotels old situated high above Trinco Harbour, the view was stunning. 

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