This mornings work was interrupted by a pleasurable distraction, we attended a wedding ceremony at the local Christian Church. The bride was a local girl and the groom from Besisahar which is more than 12 hours drive from Majuwa on a rough dangerous road. There was reception at her parents home where everyone gathered for Dhal Bhaat. After the wedding we all returned to work after seeing the handsome couple  depart with all his relatives in an overloaded land cruiser on a dangerous on long journey where she will take up residence with her husbands family. We have never seen a bride so upset on her wedding day, who knows when she will see her family again. All are  happy it was a loVe marriage and not arranged as this is the usual procedure in  Nepals remote villages. Times are changing as the young ones today have mobile phones, Internet and Facebook allowing them to connect easily, meet and fall in love. 

We worked steadily all day moving and breaking rock, the men dug the holes ready for the pillars to be sunk. Tomorrow the steel is arriving and each house is donating timber so that we can form up the concrete for the pillars, saving us 2 lakh ($2000). After completion their timber will be returned.
We ended our day with a refreshing bath at the local tap with  again an audience.
Time for Dhal Bhaat and happy hour watching another stunning sunset.

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