7th Day on a the Cape to Cape

This morning we were greeted once again with perfect walking weather, cloudless sky and a mild breeze. Max temp. 21 deg. We first hiked through beach heath for 3 Klm before descending to Cosy Corner where there were wonderful limestone formations, which with a bigger ocean  swell acts as blow holes, amazingly we could still hear the ocean gurgling under the rocks. Following the track we came to one of the headlands wher Lyn spotted a pod of dolphins frolicking close to the coastline, and Debbie sighted a carpet snake sun baking on the rocks, everyday we have experienced a new sighting.

 The evening before at our briefing Mike said that we would be walking in soft sand for 8klm, we were all again feeling very apprehensive. Much to our surprise once our feet hit the sand we found firm packed white sand leading to turquoise blue water. Some of us went bare feet, some chose to leave their shoes on, we soon seperated and walked at our different paces with Lyn up front dancing to Dire Straits on her iPod. Half way along the beach we rested and enjoyed delicious chocolate slice and hot tea. There were many opportunities to take fabulous photos of the spectacular scenery on the sections of our long hike on the beach, before finding a lovely shady place to have lunch. After energising ourselves it was a hard slog as  we hit the sand dunes, it was hot with very little breeze, but we were so excited when we finally sighted Leewin lighthouse the tallest mainland lighthouse situated at the most south westerly tip of Australia, where the Indian and Southern Oceans meet. On our arrival we were greeted by Simon who applauded our efforts in not only reaching our final destination, but managing to get there before the lighthouse closing time of 430pm. We walked the final 200mtrs to have our group photo and read the information  boards situated around the perimeter of the lighthouse. Returning to our vehicle all slightly exhausted but elated, Mike promptly gave everyone an airline eye mask to put on, he asked us to trust in his ability to drive, and told us that he would not be blind folded, thank god for that as we did not want to end up in the ocean. After several minutes of driving which felt like 15mns he stopped the car, we all had to hold hands to help each other exit the vehicle, once outside we were told to stand in line face away from the vehicle, and on the count of 3 take off our blindfolds. To our amazement there was Simon standing on a cluster of red boulders  with a beautifully laid out table of food and champagne to toast our success just as the sun was beginning to set over the ocean. 

An end to a wonderful Cape to Caoe walk.

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