We had a lovely last day together with David taking us to many beautiful spots, as well as a great lunch place.  It was great to be together again, as Wednesday, we went our own ways after the morning tour. Arrival into Santiago was awesome!!  For me personally, it was a very emotional moment, as I had dreamed about it for so long.  David eventually took us to a bar, opposite one of the Compostela offices, & he was able stream-line our processing.  While the office did that work, he took those who wanted to, into the Basilica, so we could hug the Apostle, & pray (in my case) before His relics. All 15 of the group attended Mass that night, which was fantastic, & we saw “the Big B” in action to complete our amazing journey. I am now in Lisbon, arriving a couple of hours ago.  It feels strange to be on my own, but will keep busy over the next 2 days before returning home.  It was sad saying our goodbyes this morning, but a number of us are going to keep in touch. Thanks Lyn for a great trip.

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