Austria to Slovenia

We departed our hotel in Vienna at 7am, or a little after as our arranged transfer van was delayed due to a breakdown. Still plenty of time to spare, but finding our coach and seat number was an adventure on its own. Our 6 hour journey took us through some of Austria’s most stunning and picturesque country side. After 3 hours we then crossed the border to Slovenia, and unfortunately towards the rain. Slovenia has a population of 2 million, and the capital of Ljubljana has 280,000, the country covers 20,000 klms, and boarded by Italy, Austria, Croatia.
On our arrival we were met by our guide Maraja  and  taken on a city tour where we strolled around the cobbled streets learning about the rich culture and history of the country. Ljubljana’s
backdrop is the magnificent Castle,  Belvedere tower.
We then travelled 1 hour to the colourful village of Skofja Loka, which is the best medieval town in Slovenia, and inspires many stories. The rich guild tradition, echoes the past, which resound on ancient squares and streets. A mosaic of year round events invite inquisitive persons from near and far to the town situated below the magnificent Skofja Loka Castle. The beauty of this 1000 year old town and it’s almost forgotten handicrafts  awake creativity with their uniqueness.
Following the highway out Skofja Loka we passed fields of wheat and corn, and lush green pastures dotted with healthy cattle, until we reached the famous and beautiful Lake Bled.
Tomorrow we will return to the lake to spend the day visiting its magnificent castle.

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