We are now into our last week of travelling for 6 weeks in the UK. I can honestly say that we have possible seem more of the UK than any of its residents. We have travelled 3500 miles through some of the most scenic landscape in the world. M favorite city without a doubt would be Kent, followed by Edinburgh and Norwich. Norwich has the oldest Cathedral in the UK, dating back to 1024, and was built as an Abbey. The Castle and Museum also proved to be very interesting. 

Keeping up my fitness on this trip has proved most difficult, it consists of a 1hour walk in the morning, followed by some floor exercises in the room, and the odd gym work out if we are lucky to stay at a hotel with a gym. I must say I am soo looking forward to going to Nepal at the end of a November and trekking through those wonderful mountains. Home just in time to unpack,washing, and repack.
Here are some great pics of our RT through the UK

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