March 2013 visit to Shree Basari and Saraswasi schools Nepal

Three weeks ago I returned from a 6 week trip to Nepal, during that time  I visited both Shree Basari Secondary School, and Saraswasi Primary School both situated in an extremely  remote area 20 hours drive north/west of Kathmandu.   On this trip I decided rather than take the 20 hour journey by land cruiser I would walk which would allow me to do an exploratory trek. This trek took me to farther remote areas  west of the village of Baseri Dhading the district that  both schools are situated.

Although not a difficult 4 day trek it still challenged my muscles and knees, especially the 6 hour descent on day four. On the way I spoke to many people mainly Nepalese,  and only came across one French group heading towards Manaslu and the Lakya La Pass. I finally reached my destination of Arughat and a nice comfortable hotel.  On the trail by 6am the following day to avoid the heat I was joined by 2 of the children from Shree Basari School, they had travelled the 5 hours on foot leaving their home at 2am to escort me to their village of Bhudhathum .  On arrival at the village everyone was once again happy to see me,  I was greeted with such warmth into their homes.

The following day I was joined by 2 Australian ladies from Sydney who were going to join me  on a trek in the Everest region  the next  week.  For them it was their 2nd visit to Nepal, but their first to a remote area village and homestay.  Although tired and dusty from their long journey, they were excited to arrive at the village and eager to interact with their hosts. The next few days were spent visiting Shree Basari Secondary School and Saraswasi  Primary School.

Unfortunately, the construction at Shree Basari School has come to a hault, due to last year”s monsoon landslide which narrowly missed demolishing the new building.    Hence the money donated by LEPS at the end of school term last year,  was spent building a retaining wall behind the school to stop further damage.

The Nepalese are amazing people, they never complain or get angry, but just get on with surviving each day. The set back for me was devastating as I was looking forward to seeing  4  competed classrooms, filled with excited children. I guess I will just have to wait until my next visit in December, when hopefully with the help of LEPS  Teacher’s, Children and Parents much required funds will arrive into Shree Basari  School Bank account.  The upside of our visit was to spend time at Saraswasi School,  and see that everything that was accomplished at this school, with the help of LEPS  is still standing strong, and the children are enjoying the rewards.