Camino de Santiago 17 day

Camino Primitivo (Original Way)

Leon to Santiago

17 day circuit

The history of the St James Way dates back to the early ninth century with the discovery of the tomb of St. James, evangelizer of Spain. The finding of this holy mausoleum is surrounded by a rich popular imagination instead of distorting been preserved and filled with colorful historical narrative. There are no accurate data on the circumstances of the discovery of the revered mausoleum; its discoverers saw this as a divine revelation of the establishment of the burial cult of Santiago in the place where it was found

Self Guided Tour

On selected selected popular self- guided tours you can enjoy being independent and free to walk alone or with another Pilgrim. This is the perfect way to enjoy the Camino, we will provide you with a guide book, Pilgrims passport and shell, and 24 hour phone support . You will be guided by a yellow arrow the whole way and all tours will include Accommodation in farmhouses and hostels, including breakfast in double or single room with bathroom, MP3 to visit Santiago (historical center / self guided). Just choose your preferred route and travel dates and our specialists will create the perfect itinerary for you.

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Days 17
Cost 959,00€ twin share
Single Room –1299,00€

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