Arctic Discovery tour

Arctic - Polar Bear
  • Departure:

    20 August 2020

  • Duration:

    21 days
  • Cost:

    from AUS $14,900 single supplement please inquire
  • Offer:

    Bonus travel credit with your polar adventure!
  • Itinerary:

The Arctic summer brings tourists from all over to experience its wonders is on an exciting expedition cruise.

  • Cruise through Spitsbergen’s narrow sheltered waterways and fjords such as Kongsfjorden (Kings Bay)
  • See the amazing wildlife. Polar bears, walrus, seals, reindeer, sea birds, musk oxen, Arctic fox, and whales
  • Be one of few people in the world to visit remote Jan Mayen Island
  • Sail within 600 miles of the North Pole
  • Visit the world’s largest National Park in North East Greenland, and the world’s largest fjord system, Scoresbysund
  • Visit Norway’s majestic Lofoten Islands and sail through narrow Trollfjorden, accessible only by small ships

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