Travel Tips for Optimum Health and Wellbeing

Everyone knows that being sick is not the best way to start off a holiday. However with all that traveling to the airport, sitting in the unhealthy environment that is the airplane cabin, using pushcarts that thousands of other people have touched, it’s almost impossible not getting sick from flying. Airports are magnets for an array of bacteria and viruses, but there are certain guidelines that people should follow in order to stay as healthy as possible during their travels.

Drink plenty of water

water healthThis is the cardinal rule for general health, regardless of whether you’re traveling or not, but not drinking enough water while you’re suffering in the low cabin humidity can lead to stomach problems, headaches, fatigue, cramps, and plenty of other issues. Instead of drinking a lot of water prior to or during the flight, Independent Traveler explains that sipping on water throughout the flight will protect you from long dry spells. Hot drinks also good beverages to have during the plane ride since they keep your mucous membranes working.

Consider valet parking

It’s a known fact that stress weakens our immune systems which make us more susceptible to illnesses, especially the common cold. Although much of the stress related to air travel stems from immigration and flying, the journey to the airport could cause just as much anxiety. If you have your own car, save yourself the inconvenience of finding other transport options, then have a valet attendant take care of parking. This saves you from driving up and down lots for a free slot. If you're worried about the safety of your car, valet parking for airports such as Heathrow are very secure. According to Parking4Less, Heathrow’s valet parking lots are well lit with CCTV cameras.

Have hand sanitizer on you at all times

HAND-SANITIZER healthMillions of travelers pass through airports on a daily basis, and in one day, a plane alone can service tens to hundreds of thousands of passengers per day. Airports and especially aircrafts make the perfect hosts for bacteria and germs, so it’s best to protect yourself with a bottle of hand sanitizer. Although you should you washing your hands as often as you can, hand sanitizers will provide you with more protection, as some studies have indicated that even sink water in airplanes can get contaminated.