What to Expect


Expect a fulfilling travel experience. Expect to see great wilderness areas, stunning mountain ranges, wild rivers, endless cultural experiences. Expect prolific wildlife and birdlife. Expect to see curious but smiling faces. Expect to be popular with the locals, to be stopped for an unexpected conversation. Expect long travelling days. Expect early morning game walks and late afternoon game drives. Expect the heat. Expect the cold and snow. Expect to learn about daily rituals and traditions performed for thousands of years, to hear legends, to smell exotic spices in a local marked. Expect the occasional mishap - a delay on the road or a broken water pipe in the campground due to an elephant stepping on it or a landslide that had happened the previous monsoon.

Expect a myriad of colors in the sky on sunset. Expect the brightest stars in the radiant sky. Expect sounds of hippos grunting, lions, roaring, and elephants munching on Acacia trees, the sound of the waterfall and rivers as you fall to sleep at night. Expect to wake up to the singing of exotic birds. Expect to  hear and see an avalanche whilst trekking in the beautiful rugged mountains, expect frantic city traffic and a potpourri of odors. Expect another new full day of overwhelming experiences. Expect welcoming smiles. Expect not to be rushed or hassled whilst shopping and taking that Kodak moment.

Expect  things to be different from what they are at home as isn't that why you came in the first place?

So why not come join us on one of our Adventure trips?